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How To Know When a Website is Secure


Here at Wally's Delicatessen, we want you to enjoy your online shopping experience confident in the knowledge that your personal information and credit card details will be transmitted safely using the most powerful security systems commercially available.

These notes are designed to tell you how you can determine whether the website requesting your personal and financial details is secure!

Websites usually use a secure connection when they ask you to send personal information online. Personal information such as telephone numbers and credit card numbers should always be sent on a secure connection. But how do you know if the connection is really secure? Because they told you so, right? Wrong! Not everyone tells the truth.

Your web browser on the other hand, does not lie and will indicate to you whether the connection is secure or not. Both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator have similar methods of indicating a secure connection. Where are the indicators? When a site is secure, both Explorer and Netscape will display a closed Padlock in the status bar. If you are using Internet Explorer 6.0, the status bar is at the very bottom of your web browser. In the latest version of Internet Explorer (7.0), you will that the Security Status bar is located on the right side of the Address bar.(See the padlocks in the images below.)

Internet Explorer Status Bar (Secure Connection)

Netscape Status Bar (Secure Connection)


With Internet Explorer, if the connection is not secure, then the padlock is not displayed. Netscape on the other hand displays an opened padlock.

Internet Explorer Status Bar (Normal Connection)

Netscape Status Bar (Normal Connection)


Quick tip

Another sure way to check if the site's connection is secure is by looking at their web address. It MUST start with "https://" instead of the usual "http:". The "S" after "http" signifies that the connection is secure.

What is 128 Bit Encryption?

As you know, any information you give whilst on the secure pages of the Wallys's Delicatessen website is protected by 128 Bit Encryption. But what Is 128-Bit Encryption, and how does it work?

Encryption is a sophisticated scrambling method that is designed to prevent unauthorized eavesdropping on electronic data. Encryption works by taking a piece of information and processing it with a mathematical formula (called an "algorithm") that converts the information into a meaningless string of letters and numbers. For example, the sentence "This is a secret," when encrypted may look like "as03xx1a79x!dqt." This encrypted string of information can be sent over the Internet with the likelihood that anyone intercepting the message will not be able to understand it. When the string does reach its intended destination, a similar mathematical formula is applied to the string to decrypt it. 128-bit encryption refers to the size of the key used to encrypt the message. A longer key means the encryption is more "random," and someone attempting to decipher the message will have to try more combinations of keys. Each extra bit in a key doubles the complexity of the key.

Based on the past history of improvements in computer performance, security experts expect that 128-bit encryption will work well on the Internet for at least the next ten years.

View a Test Page

If you would like to view a Live Test Page with a secure 128 Bit encrypted connection on the Wally's Delicatessen website, please click here!


We hope that having read the information above and checked the authenticity of our Security Certificate, you will now feel confident placing your order through our online Shopping facility. Since we introduced this facility almost 8 years ago, we have processed many thousands of online orders and there has never been one single incident in which our security systems have been compromised. We believe that it is quicker, cheaper and safer for our customers to order online than over the telephone, and this is precisely why we have invested in the best method of encryption available.

If however, you would still prefer to place your order over the telephone, please do not hesitate to phone us on 029 2022 9265 and we will be pleased to assist.

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